Welcome to J&H Finance

If you want to buy the dream home or the ideal business with lenders’ money, then you’ve come to the right place.
J&H Finance, who helped clients apply 139 million AUD loan in total in the 2016 financial year, will walk you along to the settle day.


Helping secure your future with home loan service

Home loan is the base to build your fortune and the long-term investment to ensure your peaceful settlement. It is our mission to have home purchase and investment on property well under your control.

As a professional service provider for home loan and business loan in Australia, J&H Finance won the AFG (Australian Finance Group) golden prize for consecutive three years from 2014 to 2016. In 2013, J&H Finance was founded by Hao HU and Judy Wang in Adelaide, focusing on the home loan services for four years, we have helped thousands of clients to get money from lenders, and have witnessed their settlement in Australia. In addition, we also provide business loan services so as to enable you to build up your own business in Australia.

Come to J&H Finance, if you want to make clear your financing options, want to find out the suitable loan under your current situation, and want to know how much fortune your existing money can make in the next five or ten years.

We have provided loan services for a large number of clients who themselves feel unbelievable to scale their peaks of wealth.

You are the next one.


Our story

The story of J&H Finance started from year 2012 when Hao and Judy were overwhelmed by the failure to provide loan services which clients truly wanted in the finance corporation they worked in. Why not establish a finance corporation ourselves to provide better services for our clients? Therefore, Hao and Judy set up J&H Finance at the end of 2012. They started from scratch, and provided services for clients one by one.

We could not remember how many nights we had spent in the office preparing the loan materials and lodging the loan applications, only to help our clients to get a loan and achieve a peaceful settlement in Australia.

Now five years have passed. We owe our thanks to our clients whose trust and word-of-mouth promotion make J&H Finance a hundred-million-level housing loan expert and a AFG golden prize winner for consecutive three years.

Thank you for your contribution to the growth of J&H Finance. All our honor rests with you.