Is this you?

You are surfing J&H’s website, and wondering whether J&H can bring you to the house or the business you are interested in. If that’s the situation, I am almost certain that you are worrying about your loan issue, whether you can get the ideal amount, or how to balance low interst and generous lending amount from the lenders.

It doesn’t matter. The same questions have been asked for thousands of times. You can rely on J&H, we will walking you along the whole loan processing, even further.

Your challenges

You decide to buy your first home in Australia. You are worrying whether it is hard for you to get a loan under your current situation, which lender to choose, and how much income you should earn per week to apply certain loan amount.

You don’t have an appropriate visa in Australia, and your income comes overseas. Your financial condition can not afford the full payment. What will happen to your earnest money? Are there any feasible solutions besides transferring the unfinished house?

The dream home finally comes, it’s time to take out a loan. What’s the maximum loan amount, how much will the interest rate be, how to correctly evaluate my repayment ability, which loan solution suits my lifestyle best?

You’ve heard from a friend that he bought another home without money from the pocket by refinance. Considering that your existing home have appreciated much in recent years, you want to buy a second home through refiance,too. However, your situation is not quite the same as your friend’s.

You do not have a nest egg saved up, you need lenders’ money to fund your business purchase. You need professional advice to figure out which lending solution is right for your business.

Or your business runs into a bottleneck, there comes the need to update business equipment. Cash flow is not abundant enough to support one-off payment, you need lenders’s money. However, you don’t know how to negotiate with bankers.

If that sounds like you and you think we might be a good fit, talk to J&H Finance today, no fee for consultation.